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About Me


In 1975 I was born in Tredegar, a small valleys town in the heart of South Wales. I started photography at an early age some time before my teens. Back then I used my father’s Pentax Asahi SLR and a hand held light meter. It wasn’t until the grand old age of 13 or 14 did I own a camera. This was a 2nd hand Canon A1, a film camera long before the days of digital, without the fancy bells and whistles of today’s technological marvels. It was basic, not even autofocus,  but a very useable and workable camera. I still own it and all the lenses today, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I used it.
    In the mid 90’s after studying photography in collage for a number of years, I found it was becoming too expensive and in turn difficult to produce the level of work I wanted. Eventually frustration got the better and I decided to quit. But by 2012 I needed back in.  I had been shown some HDR images and they were unlike anything I had seen before.  The fire had been relit, but the landscape had changed. Buying a digital camera, I started the long task of moving my skills from the darkroom to the computer. This was by no means an easy feat, but somehow in the cold depths of this new silicon world, I found an organic flow, something that had previously been missing.
    I guess my favourite photographic style to work with is conceptual. It gives me as an artist the freedom to allow my mind to wonder, limitless without the confinement of everyday life or even reality. In short, If I can dream it, I can create it. The approach and execution are my only consideration, which in itself can become a  journey of wonders and discoveries. 

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